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Harteq hardware is tailored to the customers’ needs. It is designed to make accurate measurements under any conditions.

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Harteq H.01

We created this capacity fuel sensor for customers who require highest precision and full reliability.

  • nominal voltage: 12 or 24 V DC
  • operating voltage: 10,5 – 35 V DC
  • power consumption: 15 mA
  • communication interface: J1708
  • communication parameters: MID=240-243, PID=129-136
  • measurement error: 1%
  • fuel level measurement resolution: 10/11 bit
  • analog output resolution: 8bit
  • analog output voltage: 0-10 V
  • analog output resistance: 100 Ohm
  • ingres protection: IP33
  • operation temperature: -40 to 85OC
  • dimensions: 820 x 75 x 75 mm

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Who we are?

In Harteq we are passionate about the integration abilities between intelligent hardware and IT solutions. Especially, within the TSL industry.


We know industry needs

The company has beed started by people, who are keen on services for TSL industry for over 10 years. We exactly know challanges of the day-to-day operation within the sector. Therefore, we have decided to produce reliable hardware which deliver highly accurate data. Harteq is flexibly adjusting to clients’ needs and provide them total control over their business.

Due to high share of fuel-related issues within operation costs of companies in the industry, we have started from the launch of fuel sensor. Its outstanding accuracy helps in tightening of any fleet management system and generates huge savings.

Currently, we are working on new devices, e.g.: CAN click, D8 wire, and remote tacho reader.

Made to Measure

Fuel sensor H.01 market launch at the IAA trade show in Hannover

We were happy to announce market launch of our brand new fuel sensor Harteq H.01 during one of the most important transportation event in Europe – IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover.

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frameLOGIC company signed long-term partnership contract with Harteq

After over 1 year long testing period, frameLOGIC company has decided …

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Harteq presents brand new website

We are proud to show you our brand new webiste.

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Made to Measure

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HARTEQ Sp. z o.o.
Pl. Powstańców Śląskich 1/13
53-329 Wrocław, Poland (EU)
VAT ID: PL8992755733
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GIOS: E0020012WZ

tel.: +48 71 725 41 54

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